"It is rare to find an individual who combines the characteristics of poise, professionalism, a superb command of the English language (both speaking and in writing), and the ability to synthesize diverse opinions in a concise manner. Jennifer demonstrates her depth of knowledge in a remarkably engaging and humble way. She is an inspirational strategist who can justify her recommendations with thorough research and implement a plan in a practical yet creative way.  Jennifer is an invaluable asset to our organization." 

Pamela Milner, Executive Director, Spirit Serving Veterans, Virginia


"Parkin's work is as timely and necessary as it is holistic, thought-provoking, and inspirational. Her exquisite prose is a reflection of the unwavering rigor with which she approaches both her professional endeavors and the human condition - that of others as well as her own. With a keen awareness and attentiveness to context and life experiences, she compels her readers to go beyond just thinking, thus stimulating them to visualize and absorb what is within and around them, and motivating real action."

Janelle Johnson, Researcher, University of New Mexico


"I have had the pleasure of learning from Jen for over a decade and I continue to be impressed by both the mechanics and the spirit of her writing.  Good technical writing is hard to find.  Technical writing that has been made interesting through word choice and thoughtful organization is even harder.  But it is a rare treat to read a technical piece that both follows the Elements of Style and leaves you inspired.  As anyone who has met Jen would recognize, she is not an idle dreamer, but a woman who takes concrete steps to realize goals and make positive, lasting impact on others.  This spirit comes across whether you're meeting her for coffee and a life catch-up or reading her analysis of the sociological effects of influenza on a farming community.  For me, it is this life and passion that makes Jen's writing great.  There is a power to her writing that comes from beliefs that are built not on assumptions, but rather that stem from a clear desire to learn and understand.  You are rarely left questioning Jen's position or call to action, yet you never feel as though you've been yelled at across the page.  Instead, she leaves you thoughtful (and usually inspired).  Jen's willingness to share herself - joys and hopes for the world as well as daily struggles - gives all of her writing (yes, even her most technical writing) a breath of humanity."

Angela Campbell, Attorney, Colorado


"Jennifer has been my instructor for two courses. The first was by chance. The second was on purpose. I learned more from Jennifer than the types of governments there are or the reasons why countries go to war with one another. I learned reasons to care about my own community's political environment and to understand how events in other parts of the world affect my own country. Jennifer motivated me to come to class and complete assignments, but also to become an engaged citizen." 

Tony Mauro, Student, University of New Mexico


"I actually came to Jennifer's office hours because I was going to tell her I was dropping out of school. We ended up talking for an hour about the value of a college education versus alternatives like going right into the workforce. I have a kid and two jobs, so I understand that time is the most valuable thing you can give to someone else. Jennifer helped me work through my thought process about dropping out like no one else did. I ended up staying, but going part-time, thanks to our conversation." 

Eric Thompson, Student, Indiana University